Winter can be dauting for new parents. Winter outings can spark fear of baby getting cold and becoming ill. However it is important to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. No one wants baby to get cold and there is a tendancy to ‘overdress’ babies when venturing out into the cold. As a general rule of thumb baby will only need one more layer than you.

  • The best way to check whether your baby is too hot or too cold, touch the skin on their stomach: if it’s too warm, remove a layer, if it’s too cold, add one.
  • It’s normal for babies to have cool hands and feet, but if they feel really cold and they look blue and blotchy, add another layer.

The NHS has more Winter tips and keeping baby safe here. (link)

Always ensure you take baby’s thick coat off when travelling in a car seat, the harness strap will need to be loosened to accomodate the coat but in an accident they can compress, leaving a big gap between the harness and child and increase the risk of injury.

When in the pushchair fasten the harness strap and then layer up with a blanket over the top for added warmth. Check baby regularly, if their face is red and they feel warm then remove layers.

It is also essential to look after your pushchair in the winter months. Here are some top tips for ensuring your outings are stress free:

  • When using your pushchair during the winter months it is important to clean using clean fresh water and always dry thoroughly. Salt and grit from the outdoors will corrode metal parts unless removed.
  • A silicone spray can be used to lubricate moving parts.
  • Always apply the brake when stationary in any weather.
  • Use the raincover in wet weather.
  • Never leave the raincover over the pushchair with your child in it when indoors.
  • Contact your local Mee-go stockist immediately should any components become damaged.

Remember –

Once you are back inside remove baby’s outdoor clothing immediately.

Always remove baby from the car seat once you are back indoors.

Never leave your baby in a pushchair indoors with a raincover.