Within the last week Mee-go have signed a new contract with one of the largest Korean Nursery Distributors who will continue to grow the Mee-go Brand and distribute Mee-go Pushchairs in Korea.

MBaby have an excellent reputation for supplying quality goods and services to the Korean Baby Market. Mee-go have supplied MBaby for a few years now and have recently just signed again to continue supplying MBaby with quality pushchairs and strollers. Mee-go’s Managing Director has just spent some time in Korea signing the new contract and visiting one of over 150 consumer baby shows which are held in Korea every year. As well as securing the continued business relationship he attended one of these baby shows to support the Mee-go Brand and ensure consumers understand the ethos behind it.

Korea’s favourite Mee-go Pushchairs.

One of the favourite Mee-go Pushchairs in Korea is the lightweight Mee-go Feather and MBaby have taken a great interest in the New Mee-go Trio Lightweight Travel Stroller to add to their range.

Mee-go look forward to working with MBaby over the coming years to grow the brand in Korea.